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I’m looking for hard working individuals who want to create a business that is profitable in any economy.
Create a reliable business that earns huge profits in any economy.

eddie-zubia From the Desk of

Eddie Zubia

Dear Friend,

You’re here for one reason.
You’re tired of taking the same action you’ve been taking for months, perhaps years, and not making a single dime.

You’re tired of the all the “business hype” B.S., the hype, the false promises, and “the scams”.

And you’re sick and tired of spending HOURS and HOURS and getting nothing in return.
And you’re ready to make a change.

  • Are you are a hard worker?
  • Are you willing to do what it takes?
  • Are you ready to stop going at this all ALONE?

If not, stop reading now.
The opportunity I’m about to present is not for the lazy.

I have always been a hard worker and always wanted my own profitable business. It just seemed impossible.
You either needed to be a tech genius or have a lot of money to start a McDonalds.

Here’s What This is All About

In 2006 I was a successful real estate salesperson. I was making a nice income, providing nicely for my family. I was working 12-18 hour days. To grow a real estate business, you need a lot of money.

In 2006 the recession hit, and I was left with no job. I went on for six months with no income.
I was offered a territory to clean up bank-owned properties. I immediately accepted the offer.
Sometimes you have to accept what the universe throws at you. The most important thing for was to provide for my family. I was willing to do anything legal to make a buck.

When I started doing junk hauling, I started with nothing, no dump truck, no equipment, no nothing.

I hustled it. I had a friend with a stake truck, and I rented his truck until I got my own dump truck.

I have run a successful junk hauling business for the past 9 years in my area. My competitors were blown away. What made a difference was that I built my own websites, and I got a lot of business from my websites.

Everyone and his brother-in-law builds website. Most website design firms are oversea, here today and gone tomorrow.

I’m an expert at building junk hauling websites.

I want to share my knowledge and help other grow their business and future.

A National Junk Hauling Franchise cost $240,000. The national franchise’s charge a fee for each job that you do.

I give you more real value than what a greedy national junk hauling franchise can give, for less than 2% the investment. Even better, all the money you make is yours to keep. This alone is worth 10 times the investment you are making.

  • I personally coach you one on one
  • I personally help you plan your business
  • I write all of your content
  • I design your website
  • I write your email advertisement
  • I create your landing pages

I’m going to show you exactly how I made it.

  1. Build for you a killer website.
    Yes, I know everyone and his brother in law build website. Most web designs firms are over seas, they are here today and gone tomorrow. None of them have real business experience. I have 27 years in real estate and 9 years in junk hauling. You get started and have your own website up for only $97
  2. Sign you up at national preservation companies for $25.00 per company.
    Each company can have hundreds of orders per month.
    During the last recession, there were millions of properties that needed clean up. In Los Angeles county, there were approximately 10,000 properties being cleaned up a month. There were more work than anyone can handle. I will show you how to tap into that market.
  3. Email marketing to help you acquire construction contractors. Each contractor has several jobs, and each job needs weekly or bi-weekly pickups.
  4. Email Marketing to help you acquire Real Estate agents with bank accounts. Each agent can have 10-20-30 properties a month for you to clean up.
  5. Fully SEO Optimized Website – Yoast green. We will determine the best keywords for your city and work area. We will install social media buttons linking your website to your social media pages. Value $2,500.00
  6. 12 fully optimized blog posts/ month. Value $300.00 per month – $3,600/ year
  7. 4 YouTube videos/ month. Value $100.00 per month – $1,200/ year
  8. 8 Facebook posts/ month. Value $200.00 per month – $2,400/ year
  9. 24 tweets a month. Value $79 per month – $978/ year
  10. Free website (hauling website only) after we discover a profitable niche. Value $2500
  11. Include 1 hour consultation per month with me -Eddie Zubia to strategize the best way to grow your business. Brainstorm next logical step for your marketing.
Value $85 per month – $1,020.00/ year
  12. All of the above will be cross linked with your keyword phrases, between your blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,

You are getting a Total Value of $14,198, and you can start for only $97.00
After that, you will make payments of $397.00/month for 11 months.

This is how it works.

1. Call my office, so we can decide if you are a good fit for this and whether you are willing to work.
2. Let us know what area you want to work so we could secure your website domain registration. There are domain pirates that buy them by the hundreds.
3. We will send you an invoice for $97.00 to get you started. From the 2nd month to the 12th month, you will pay $397/month for me to do social media marketing.

After 12 months, you will have a very healthy website which brings you new leads constantly.

Call (213) 221-1244

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