REO Properties Need To Have Documentation Before Dumping Junk

Document Certain Parts of REO properties when doing a cleanup job.

Clean out the entire property once you get the green light.

But before you get the green light, you need to document the following:

  • Document the condition of the property
  • Document the debris that is in the property
  • Document what is and what is not at the property

When we say a document is to take enough pictures. Take pictures inside the property and inside the loaded truck. Concrete debris is much bulkier and heavier, so those will be outside. Take pictures of different dimensions so there is no miss calculation of debris.

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Clean out foreclosed homes with little or no money

Starting up your own REO cleaning company is a major key.

There is a chance you can clean out foreclosed properties with little money to start. There are so many houses out there that are bank owned and need a good clean up. REO properties have backyards that are going to need a grass cut or branch removal. Banks and lenders are in desperate need of a reliable team that can remove all furniture from the home. They are going to need a trustful team that can clean up without damaging or stealing property. REO properties shouldn’t be hard to clean, and making a good use out of the trucks and tools that you may have stored away.

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Start To Remove Furniture and Junk From Foreclosed Home

Extra Cash In Foreclosed Estate Clean Out

Working on REO Foreclosed Homes To Make Extra Cash

Make extra cash by cleaning out foreclosed homes.

Remove bulky furniture that is no longer wanted in the home. Big items such as refrigerators, old televisions, and old mattresses. Who knows how much junk is loaded in the home. After fully cleaning out the furniture out the house, it is time to deep clean the home. Clean out the floor and carpet if there is any. Clean out all of the windows indoor and outdoor. Some of the brokers need board up and fencing, start considering looking for workers that can do that for you. If you can board up with plywood yourself, even better.

Brokers are going to need you to clean out the pool if there is a dirty pool. Remove all of the electric cables hanging in the walls. Remove all types of grass and trees in the yard area.

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Clean Out Homes For Extra Cash

Dont Close Up Shop And Keep Making Money

Don’t get to age 50 and lose your company as many business owners have.

The economy and the way businesses are going, you are able to see many business owners close up left to right. I hear the stories of friends getting laid off from work all the time. The reason why many think they are in cool waters, it is because the business is doing well. When there is a decline that is when all hell breaks loose.

There is too much money at stake if you are only looking at one way to make money. There are many ways to increase the chances of never losing your business to the economy. One of the many ways to make money is REO property services. Services such as foreclosure clean up, foreclosure furniture removal, foreclosed homes yard removal, general repairs, and many more.

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Remove Junk From Foreclosed Homes Before The Next Mortgage Melt Down

Remove Junk From Foreclosed Homes Before The Next Mortgage Melt Down

A great to get into is the junk hauling business.  A junk hauling business is an evergreen business.  I made a lot of money cleaning out foreclosed homes during the mortgage meltdown of 2008. As the economy was recovering the REO Foreclosure Cleaning business was not as profitable as it was during the recession.

I told my crews that I was going to start doing something else.  I looked at them – they looked at me.  And I said ok.  I started a new marketing strategy to target California contractors.  With very little efforts; I got three contractors that desperately needed our services.  We started doing junk hauling services for them.  In a short time, they were using us for all kinds of services that we could provide.

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